открытка 6 (пресс-пакет Евровидения)
Название:открытка 6 (пресс-пакет Евровидения)
Год выпуска:1997
Завод:не указан

Ширина:145 мм
Высота:105 мм
(5 голосов)
добавил: Ермолаев Алексей | 31 января 2011г

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Фирма АЛЛА


Superstar singer, composer, stage and film actress, and producer, the last People's Artist of the Gorbachev era and the first performer of post-Soviet Russia, dhe is seen as the most gifted, the most sincere and the most loved by millions of fans.

The epitome of Russian glamour.

With over 150 million LP's and CD's sold (not counting pirated copies), she easily ranks with Bing Grosby, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. She is the only one in Russia today who could fill a stadium with adoring fans. She is the only one whose 13-CD collection sells nesrly 5 million copies in two months.